Apply for European Structural and Investment Funding

Acceptable Use Policy

I understand and agree to comply with the security rules for the use of the E-Claims application set out below:

  1. I acknowledge that my use of the application may be monitored and/or recorded for lawful purposes; and
  2. I agree to be responsible for any use that is made of the application using my unique user credentials (user ID and password, access token or other mechanism as provided) and e-mail address; and I will protect such credentials in accordance with my employer’s own security policies; in particular, I will not write down or share my password; and
  3. I agree to report any suspicion I have that my identity may have been compromised; and
  4. I will not make false claims or denials relating to my use of the application; and
  5. I will protect any sensitive or not protectively marked material sent, received, stored or processed by me via the application to the same level as I would paper copies of similar material; and
  6. I will not send, forward or disclose any sensitive or protectively marked material received, produced or stored in the application except to further the business of my employer and then only to those who should be able to handle the material securely according to its sensitivity; and
  7. I will disclose information received via the application only on a ’need to know’ basis; and
  8. I will seek at all times to prevent inadvertent disclosure of sensitive or protectively marked information held by, sent from or printed from the application; and
  9. I will securely store or destroy any sensitive or protectively marked material printed from the application; and
  10. I will not leave my computer unattended in such a state as to put at risk the integrity of the data held in the application; and
  11. Where my employer has implemented measures to protect unauthorised viewing of information displayed on IT systems (such as an inactivity timeout that causes the screen to be blanked or to display a screensaver or similar, requiring a user logon for reactivation), I will not attempt to disable such protection; and
  12. I will not deliberately attempt to bypass or subvert system security controls or to use them for any purpose other than that intended; and
  13. I will inform my manager immediately if I detect, suspect or witness an incident that may be a breach of security; and
  14. I will not knowingly introduce viruses, Trojan horses or other malware into the application; and
  15. I will not disable anti-virus protection provided at my computer; and
  16. I will comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and any other legal, statutory or contractual obligations that are relevant; and
  17. I understand that any deliberate breach of these rules may result in disciplinary or, if appropriate, criminal action being taken against me.

Last updated: 8 September 2020